Now in Europe! PhoneCam Universal Adapter for easy digiscoping with your mobile phone and spotting scope

best Digiscoping adapter


Leading brand and manufacturer of digiscoping adapters for mobile phones. "One size fits all" best describes the new PhoneCam Universal Adapter for digiscoping using your mobile phone. Machined out of aircraft quality aluminum and made in the USA, this adapter is built to last! The PhoneCam Universal Adapter fits optic cups that range between 38 - 63 mm meaning more or less every spotting scope and binocular on the market. 

The PhoneCam Universal Adapter is a product for anyone who enjoys taking pictures and video with their smartphone.

What is digiscoping?

Digiscoping simply means photography using your spotting scope or binocular. Connecting your camera (digital camera, DSLR, mirror less, mobile phone etc.) to your spotting scope or binocular to take a photo is most often used by birders or hunters. You do this best using an adapter, so called digiscoping adapter. The term phonescoping sometime is used when using the mobile phone instead of a “regular camera”.